Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with LenSx®


Island Eye Care is the first practice on Whidbey Island to offer the most incredibly accurate and precise cataract surgery without the need for a surgical blade. Integrating Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery, Dr. Johnson uses the LenSx® Femtosecond Laser system to more precisely remove cataracts.  We are very excited to bring to Whidbey Island the most advanced technology in laser cataract surgery and lens implant accuracy which will result in optimal vision correction for distance, near, or both.


Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery


The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is an all laser technique designed to address some of the most critical aspects of cataract surgery.  With laser cataract surgery, a small beam of laser energy makes it possible for Dr. Johnson to make all incisions and lens fragmentation without the need for a surgical blade. The laser procedure provides many benefits to cataract patients, including:


  • Precision- The LenSx®  Laser makes the most precise incisions for cataract surgery compared to any other technique
  • Safety- LenSx®  Laser makes corneal incisions and assists cataract removal without a surgical blade
  • Astigmatism Correction- LenSx®  Laser can correct for astigmatism with very accurate corneal incisions
  • Customized Treatment- Each LenSx®  Laser treatment is completely customized to the individual patient


The Laser Cataract Surgery Procedure


The removal of cataracts with the LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is currently being performed by Dr. Johnson at Whidbey General Hospital. The LenSx®  Laser uses the sophisticated technology called OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) to provide Dr. Johnson with an incredibly precise and detailed image of the inside of your eye. Then, Dr. Johnson customizes the treatment plan for your eye and guides the LenSx® Laser to create small incisions on the cornea, incision of the anterior covering of the cataract, and then fragment the cataract. This makes it possible to remove the cataract more easily and safely and if needed, correct for astigmatism.  Once the LenSx® Laser has completed the incisions, the cataract is removed and an intraocular implant is placed in the eye for vision correction. Dr. Johnson will discuss which intraocular lens is the best choice for you to correct for distance vision, near vision, or both.


And now for the first time on Whidbey Island, LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is available to give patients an option for using the most accurate and precise procedure for cataract surgery.


Presbyopia Treatment with LenSx® Femtosecond Laser


With the precision of the LenSx® Femtosecond Laser and our highest technology multifocal intraocular lenses, Dr. Johnson can offer patients with presbyopia the most advanced treatment available to correct distance and near vision without the need for glasses or contacts.


Presbyopia affects patients over the age of 40, causing a decreased ability to focus on objects at distance and near simultaneously. Presbyopia results in the need for reading glasses in most people. The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser combined with a multifocal intraocular lens can significantly reduce the need for wearing glasses or contact lenses.

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